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Brothers Joseph and Jordan (aka JoJo Bros) are two extraordinary young artists from California who are currently turning heads in the art world with their amazing brand of Americana Art . The JoJo Brothers intend to bring back the iconic celebrity artist, (not seen since Andy Warhol) by creating an intersection that capitalizes on the lucrative nature of pop culture and the essence of the working artist. These dynamic multi-talented brothers conceive, collaborate, and work together on their projects as a team, producing unabashed expressive art unique to them. Growing up in and around the legendary art colony of Laguna Beach, was a major inspiration for the brothers.“Seeing all of these amazing art galleries, inspired the possibilities of what we could ultimately do with our own art” Joe says. 

Joe, the oldest of the JoJo Bros became a pro surfer at the age of 14 before earning 2 west coast titles, a top ten finish in the world championships, and featured on the covers of many top surf magazines across the globe.

Jordan, is an accomplished surfer in his own right, who also has many surf magazine features to his credit. At 16 Jordan created a major buzz for himself when he became the youngest artist ever to be featured at the prestigious Philharmonic House of Design.

The brothers then went on to collectively become the youngest artists ever to be featured at the renowned Laguna Beach Art Museum. 

With their stunning new collection of pop art paintings, they explore the relationship between artistic expression, American icons and the current pop culture. They have garnered high praise in the media, and with that attention, came a diverse celebrity clientele including Rebel Wilson, Alice Cooper, and Mel Gibson, all of whom commissioned pieces. They have also  been invited to participate in high profile Gala events for the NFL , Oceana, and Solid Rock Foundation.  

The brothers are always looking to make new waves in the world of art and fashion.
This led them to create their striking new collection of hand painted, one of a kind couture leather jackets that will draw the attention of todays’ major music, sports and fashion icons. The collection was inspired by the 1940's fighter pilots who adorned their bomber jackets and planes with classic pinup art, as well as the bygone era of hot rod and motorcycle culture.

As their star continues to rise, the JoJo Bros have their feet firmly planted in a reverence for the glamours past, while continuing to bring their own brand of magic to art, fashion, and a very bright future.     

"So honored to have
JoJo Bros painting
in my home"

           - Rebel Wilson

"These guys are the hot new stuff"
                                  -Ted Danson

"This is my favorite piece of artwork"                                     
                                 - Alice Cooper                                          

"No Average Joe's"- Riviera Magazine

"The Renaissance Boys"- WHERE Magazine

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