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Joe and Jordan are brothers that grew up surfing, sculpting, and painting together in Capo Beach. Through the commitment to their craft, the art has kept the lights on for the past 15 years. The JoJo Brothers intend to bring back the iconic artist by creating an intersection that capitalizes on the lucrative nature of pop culture and the essence of the working artist.

Andy Warhol was one of the last iconic and public artistic personalities. Since then, fine artists have been moved into obscurity by creators of a new era, TikTokers and influencers have taken a space where fine artists have fought their way to. And failed. They sit in an impossible juxtaposition to one another. Where fine artists have long struggled to market themselves, digital content creators have that appeal ingrained into the mediums that they use to create.

The JoJo Brothers fell in love with the process of creating for other people. To create artwork that relates to someone in a way that nothing else can has been singularly defining for them as artists. It is the unabashed expression followed by barely bridled refinement that creates a whole unique piece defined by two dichotomies. They have had the honor to work with the likes of Rebel Wilson, Alice Cooper and a portfolio of other incredibly talented individuals at the top of their field.

Many people assume the brothers work side by side on the piece. Their work is actually much more independent and yet reliant on one another’s eye. From there, the technique has always been a collaboration between the two on each and every piece they create.


        "No Average Joes"

- Riviera magazine

     "Renaissance Boys"

- Where Magazine

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